Enjoy five delectable products that combine the taste and aroma of gourmet coffee enriched with ganoderma lucidum in the convenience of single-serve take-anywhere sachets.

This specially curated Coffee Selection variety pack contains

3 sachets Organic King of Coffee
3 sachets Black Coffee
3 sachets Café Supreme
3 sachets Café Latte
3 sachets Café Mocha


Organic King of Coffee

A powerful blend of two organic ingredients — coffee and Ganoderma spores — to give yourself a royal treatment, lifting up your energy and protecting your body’s health.

Gourmet Black Coffee

With no added sugar or creamer, this all-time favorite blend lets you enjoy the simple but bold flavor of coffee and customize your beverage with any ingredients you desire.

Café Supreme

Revitalize your body with the invigorating properties of caffeine, Ganoderma, and ginseng. This coffee adds a spicy note into your classic beverage and an extra dose of energy to power up your day.

Gourmet Café Latte

A mellow and sweet taste that matches the mood of the holiday seasons.This italian-inspired beverage gives you the rich flavor of coffee in a creamy and smooth texture.

Gourmet Café Mocha

The mood lifting properties of chocolate and coffee come together in a single cup. This instant mix is the best companion to snug up on the couch and get cozy by the fire.