A Powerful System for

A Powerful System for COGNITIVE IGNITION


With CTS90 powered by Neurotracker
The most scientifically validated Cognitive Performance Training System in the world today.

Master your mind and reach your highest potential

When used consistently for just 6-minutes a day. CTS90 has been shown to improve the following areas:


We’re obsessed with making products we want to see in the world and for ourselves. Meet the neuroscientist that’s helping us make it happen. Professor Faubert is reputed to be the world’s preeminent neuroscientist in the field of visual perception. Professor Faubert has developed the science behind the COGNITION system, through decades of research at the Faubert Lab (University of Montreal).

Watch the Interview With Dr. Faubert on How Neurotracker Works

Why You’ll Love CTS 90


For a Healthy Mind Decade After Decade

To avoid issues stemming from cognitive decline (memory, sharpness, etc) the training system focuses on enhancing the neuroplasticity of your brain, sharpening your mind. A sharper mind helps put the brain in a position to fight mental decline.


The Difference Between Good and Great

Lack of focus can hinder work performance, costing money for you and your clients. Cognitive performance varies from day to day, due to sleep, emotional state, etc. Our training system increases processing & comprehending complex information.


Hone Attention + Improve Academic Performance

Shorter attention spans are impacting academic results and classroom behaviour. The ultimate goal is to help kids learn, and feel good about themselves. What we’re finding is that for the groups …we saw an improvement in attention of between 6-10%.

Wear Your 3D Glasses

Use the COGNITION glasses or any AR, VR headset to participate in the training sessions. You will see 8yellow balls- two of them will be highlighted with white circles –these are your targets, remember them!

Practice 6 Minutes Per Day

The balls will move for 6 seconds, and then stop. Then, you will get to select the two balls that were your targets. Just 6 minutes a day can create drastic results!

Review Your Results

Stay on top of your progress with key performance indicators that track your results in real time.

Customize Your Experience

The difficulty level of the software will automatically adapt to your results and performance.

Ready to unleash your true potential?

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Single User Plan

ONLY US$35.00/MO
(OR US$300.00 YEARLY AND SAVE 40%)

Invest in yourself and train individually according to your personal goals and performance requirements. We have the scientifically proven technology you need:

1 CTS90 Single User Account

1 pair of 3D Anaglyph Glasses

Family Pack Plan

ONLY US$50.00/MO
(OR US$500.00 YEARLY AND SAVE 20%)

Get licences for you and your loved ones so you experience the change together! This training technology is adaptive, can be used by different age groups.

4 CTS90 User Accounts

1 pair of 3D Anaglyph Glasses