Switch to a new way of taking care of your teeth with the new OG Smile toothpaste, free from fluoride and SLS, improved to protect the enamel of your teeth. Eliminate bacteria and plaque for a brighter, healthier smile.

Reformulated to
give you more!



OG Smile is crafted with unique ingredients, demonstrated to protect, refresh and clean.


Rice Bran and tea tree Oil


Ganoderma Extract


Bamboo Charcoal


Hydrated Silica


Citric Acid


Sodium N-Lauroyl Sarcosinate




Fresh Peppermint

Why OG Smile?


You can approach your dental health with a healthier alternative with OG Smile, free from fluoride and SLS, and packed with brand new, healthier ingredients to take care of your pearly whites. Here are some common dental health concerns and how to solve them with OG Smile.


Your teeth is strong and has one of the hardest substances in your body: enamel. But there is a delicate balance you need to keep there, when not cared for, enamel can chip under pressure or decay due to plaque and bacteria.

Brushing does more than clean your teeth – it can protect your health. Many diseases are linked to your oral health, including heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. There are over 300 different bacteria in our mouth, and this bacteria can convert sugar and carbohydrates into acids that damage the enamel and our teeth. This is one reason why dentists recommend we brush our teeth after every meal, and also to rinse or brush after drinking sugary sodas or other beverages. OG Smile can help brush away bacteria, while freshening your breath and gently cleansing and brightening your smile.

Our teeth aren’t naturally white, it’s actually pearly coloured. Whitening toothpastes can appear to whiten your teeth, but what they do is polish your teeth and use chemicals (like peroxide) to dissolve stains. Some of these chemicals can be very abrasive and strip your teeth of their protective enamel.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking, dark beverages such as coloured drinks can help whiten your teeth more naturally. Using OG smile, you can improve the appearance of your smile as well, bringing back its brightness thanks to its gentle components: Bamboo charcoal for a fresh, clean look; Hydrated Silica and citric acid that provides brightening benefits.

Plaque is a sticky layer that forms out your teeth and along the gum line when you eat. It’s a natural substance, but when it gets out of hand and is not taken care of, can cause problems like gum irritation, tartar (hardened plaque), bad breath, and tooth decay.

Ingredients like Tea tree Oil (part of OG Smile!) can help diminish plaque, and Ganoderma extract will help fight bacteria and support your gum health.

Gums help your teeth stay in place and protect their most vulnerable parts! Not taking care of them can lead to gingivitis or periodontitis, painful inflammations that may affect your eating, teeth and could lead to more serious conditions. Brushing and flossing your teeth can help take care of this delicate, and usually overlooked part of your mouth.

Fuorides have been used in the cosmetic industry for year to protect against dental cavities, however, when used in excess it can affect your health. When used or consumed in excess it can lead to fluorosis: appearance of chalky spots on your tooth surface. Always check your toothpaste components and see that it contains low to no fluoride, and go for healthier options like Hydrated silica or Sodium N-Lauroyl Sarcosinate.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is a chemical compound commonly used in detergents, cleansers, shampoos, handwashes and toothpastes. It is the component usually used to whiten and give brightness to your teeth. Even when SLS is considered safe by the American Cancer Society, some people can suffer irritations when used in excess. This sensitivity from some individuals, led us to skip its use, and go for other ingredient options like ganoderma extract, rice bran oil, and Sodium N-Lauroyl Sarcosinate (found naturally in our body) that helps make the toothpaste more effective as well as helps create that cleaning feeling.