Eco Manufacturing

Usual manufacturing methods are incredibly energy intensive and unsustainable. Some brands are trying to reduce their energy consumption by changing the methods used to manufacture. We felt it wasn’t enough just to cut energy consumption, we wanted to use the power of the sun to produce as well.


When we look at the issue of waste, we are pleased to tell you that we recycle, and everything that enters our facilities goes through a strict separation process. This means everything that can be recycled and put back into the circular economy we believe in, is put back.

Eco Packaging

The choices made over packaging considered 3 things Sustainability, Performance, and Design. With this in mind, we managed to prioritise the eco-friendly status of the packaging from the outset and disregard anything that did not hit our threshold. This is an ethos, not just a design choice.

We are proud to have achieved the following:

91% of all materials used in our packaging are made from recycled material.

98% of the materials used can be recycled.

We use recycled PET bottles, recycled aluminium, recycled glass, and recycled paper/card throughout.

Aluminium Tubes

Not only are they beautiful and nostalgic, but it is also a material that is infinitely recyclable without ever losing quality.

It is airtight and reduces the risk of oxidation. This means you can use your products until the last drop without any risk.

We use 100% recycled aluminium.

This use of recycled and not raw aluminium has enabled us to reduce our CO2 emissions from the production of aluminium by 70%.

Recycled PET Bottles

All reminiscience bottles that aren’t recycled glass are made from recycled PET.

The PET bottle is designed specifically to be 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled material.

The bottles are made from recycled household waste and fit easily into packaging boxes which lowers shipping costs, and space used for shipping. That brings our carbon footprint, and your customers’ footprint down considerably.

The bottles have the advantage also of reducing UV deterioration due to their amber colour.

Boxes, Card, and Paper

All our boxes and paper are made from 100% recycled material and are fully combustible. The ink used is derived from vegetables.

Eco Formulas

When sourcing any ingredient, we of course try to source locally if possible. We use trusted ingredient vendors that are Europe based that adhere to strict requirements on the sourcing of the ingredients. Each one is screened and checked for toxicity, and we keep a historical physical sample record of all ingredients used per batch.


All our rinse off products are sent for an assessment to see if they are biodegradable. Every formula we produce is put through its paces to test this important and often overlooked eco-friendly factor.

We have removed anything from the formulations that could hurt us or the environment and added only screened and trusted ingredients from the outset. This approach has ensured we have incredible planet friendly formulations that are safe to rinse away.

When you shop with reminiscience you can be sure that together are doing our best for our environment even when you wash some of it away.

Free From Sulphates, PEGs, Phthalates, Talc, Parabens, GMO.

Formulation Code

Our formulation code ensures that our unique philosophy is incorporated throughout our product formulas.

The code values we look at include:
– Minimalism
– Efficacy
– Safety
– Eco Ethics
– Animal Ethics

Minimalism and Efficacy

Working out of the custom Lab in France our team of highly accredited and skilled scientists work to conceptualise ideas, research different approaches, and create samples and prototypes.

We combine trusted botanics with contemporary science to deliver the highest quality and efficacy in our products.

The philosophy is rather than add unnecessary ingredients to our products, instead, we have distilled each product down to the actives, taken out anything that hurts us or the environment, and added only super effective modern ingredients that fit into our ethos

Safe. Ethical. Screened. Biodegradable.


You won’t find any damaging phthalates, Sulphur, parabens, animal-derived ingredients, PEGs, etc in any of our products. Each ingredient is toxin screened and we adhere to a banned list before anything is considered worthy of being included.

Our base in France of course adheres to the most stringent European regulations which ban over 1300 ingredients. We take this much further and exclude ingredients that are authorized for use to ensure an extra level of safety and quality for our customers.

Our dedicated quality control team conduct over 100,000 tests per year, screening for 350 known pesticides, toxins, and residues. This is well in excess of any regulatory requirement because you and our planet deserve that.

Animal Ethics

The world of plants provides much of what we need to sustain all of our personal goals. When you combine this with modern scientific breakthroughs, amazing things can be achieved. It may take more time to navigate ingredient choices and produce these natural-based formulas but it is definitely worth it.


Of course, it goes without saying nothing is tested on animals, at all. Ever.