Frequently Asked Questions

What year was ORGANO™ launched?

ORGANO™ was launched in 2008 in Richmond, British Columbia.

Where does ORGANO™ conduct business?

ORGANO is global with operations in 5 continents.

How many active Distributors does ORGANO™ have?

At year end 2016, ORGANO™ had over 400,000 active Independent Distributors.

Where is the Company headquartered?

ORGANO™ is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia

Who owns ORGANO™?

ORGANO™ is a privately held corporation.

Does ORGANO™ give back to the community?

ORGANO™ is proud to give back to the community through the OG Cares Foundation, which focuses on creating the leaders of tomorrow by enriching the lives of youth around the world. For more information on OG Cares, visit

Why a Foundation?

A partnership between ORGANO™ and the OG Cares Foundation was a natural and logical step, as both organizations have a vested interest in creating international leaders. As the ORGANO™ Opportunity continues to expand beyond all expectations, ORGANO™’s huge international family is able to help OG Cares connect with thousands of youth on a global scale.

How do I apply to be an Independent Distributor?

For information on joining the ORGANO™ Family, visit the ‘Join Now’ page, which can be found under the ‘Opportunity’ tab.

What are the company’s sales figures?

The Company was named the 55th largest direct selling company in 2013 by Direct Selling News with revenues of $215 million.

How can I buy the products?

There are three ways to purchase ORGANO™ products:
-As a Preferred Customer, where you can earn points and rewards through our generous retail program
-As an Independent Distributor, where you can take advantage of the ORGANO™ income opportunity

Does ORGANO™ sell any products besides coffee?

Yes! ORGANO™ offers a wide range of convenient, easy to use products including weight management, personal care, and beverages. For a complete list, visit the ‘Products’ section on our website.

What is Ganoderma?

Ganoderma is a prized edible mushroom that has been consumed for millennia in Asia because of its perceived value and is now being rediscovered by the Western World.For more information, check out the ‘Ganoderma’ page, which is located under the ‘Opportunity’ tab.

If you have additional questions, visit