A 3-day supply of premium weight management products to help you Fuel your FENIX and boost your health

6 sachets FENIX™ Creamy Vanilla Nutritional Shake Mix
1 sachet FENIX XT™ Advanced Energy Workout Supplement
1 sachet FENIX DX™ Advanced Detox Support Supplement
1 sachet Organic Green Tea
1 sachet Gourmet Black Coffee

Welcome to OGX

The OGX System promotes a healthy way of life by combining premium products that support good nutrition with a proper diet and exercise routine.

Our OGX weight management products help you to keep an active lifestyle while giving your body the best nutrition it needs to lose or maintain weight, or fuel performance.

Use our free meal plan and recipes to help you create satisfying meals, and mouth-watering shakes that help you fuel your body. With high quality protein, prebiotic fiber and more, you are getting the nutrition you need to support good health (or an on-the-go lifestyle)

The new OGX 3 Day Trial Kit gives you a taste of these products to help you kick start your weightloss journey. This 3-day supply provides you with incredible results for you to make sure that the OGX System is right for you!

T H E  P R O D U C T S


The perfect meal replacement that provides you with high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fiber, and bioactive nutrients to fuel your day. It supports lean muscle, healthy blood sugar levels, and helps your digestive system to work to its optimal conditions.

The OGX 3 Day Trial Kit supplies you with six sachets of these creamy vanilla mix to replace two meals a day with a delectable shake. When blending with milk, it contributes only 250 calories to your diet, helping you to lose weight faster while feeling great. Create your own favorite smoothie adding berries, spinach – or other fruits & veggies for added nutrition and flavor.

1 sachet = 1 serving = 30g
See here how to create delicious shakes with your OGX FENIX mixes.

Read more about the OGX FENIX Shakes.


Fuel your day with healthy energy! This unique and flavorful energy drink mix is good for the body and the brain, supporting physical endurance, focus and wakefulness. Unlike other energy drinks, it is lower in caffeine and sugar. No sugar spikes and crashes! Just healthy energy to fuel your day. Mix this delicious mango-peach powder mixed with a glass of water to get the stamina you need to complete a workout routine or the energy to get through the day.

Read more about how FENIX XT™ boosts your energy and keeps you from feeling lethargic.


Defend your health where you need it most – at the cellular level! This pink lemonade-flavored mix is full of nutrients and botanicals that help you to detoxify at a cellular level while providing your immune system with powerful antioxidants. Mix with a glass of water to help you cleanse your body and protect from the damage of pollution, poor diets and stress.

See here how FENIX DX™ protects you from toxins and unhealthy habits.

Organic Green Tea

Harness the power of Green Tea nutrients in a soothing beverage that protects your health thanks to its all-organic ingredients. With its high content of antioxidants, it helps your cells fight oxidative stress while promoting healthy heart and brain functions. This unique blend can help you improve your mood and focus.

Learn more about the calming benefits of Organic Green Tea.

Gourmet Black Coffee

An instant blend of the best coffee beans to awaken your senses and revitalize your body. Just a cup provides you with all the energizing properties of caffeine and the health-boosting powers of Ganoderma. Enjoy the flavorful aroma of pure coffee without any added sugar or creamer.

Read more about the invigorating power of Gourmet Black Coffee.

Comment créer un plan de repas avec les produits contenus dans la trousse d’essai de 3 jours d’OGX



Petit déjeuner : Boisson protéinée OGX FENIX + Black Coffee =
Réveillez-vous et obtenez l’énergie nécessaire pour alimenter le reste de votre journée.

En milieu de matinée : collation saine.

Déjeuner : Repas équilibré

En milieu d’après-midi : collation saine.

Dîner: Boisson protéinée OGX FENIX



Petit déjeuner : Boisson protéinée OGX FENIX

En milieu de matinée : collation saine + FENIX XT™ =
Le remontant parfait pour redonner de la vitalité à votre matinée.

Déjeuner: Boisson protéinée OGX FENIX

En milieu d’après-midi : collation saine.

Dîner : Repas équilibré + Thé vert biologique =
Calmez votre corps avec une excellente nutrition et des ingrédients apaisants avant d’aller au lit.



Petit déjeuner : Boisson protéinée OGX FENIX

En milieu de matinée : collation saine.

Déjeuner : Repas équilibré

En milieu d’après-midi : collation saine + FENIX DX™ =
Débarrassez-vous des toxines accumulées dans votre corps après une journée stressante.

Dîner : Boisson protéinée OGX FENIX